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All things Alice


Alice In Wonderland

All things Alice resembles the childrens story by Charles Lutwidge Dodgeson aka Lewis Carroll. I learned alot from this childrens book growing up, but did you ever take the time to think of the philosophy and ingenius plots that represent subliminal problematic situations in todays society?


The White Rabbit-

      Did you ever make the connection between the white rabbit being the representation  of a past loved one? ”im late im late for a very important date!” we are late because it is time for us to move on and let the past rest. Have you ever thought and considered that past loved ones if left on this earth would be late for the afterlife or their next life..? interesting when you think about it really.


Cheshire cat

the chesgire cats grin, the representation of no emotion. The true narcisist the very epitamy of a sociopath. need i say more? 



he is the unique individual who smokes from a hookah creating the representation that the use of drugs helps to subside and potentially cure the effects from anxiety depression and the very epitamy of bipolar disorder. My personal thoughts especially in the scene where he is meeting alice for the first time and explaining the use of the mushrooms to her.

The tee is HOT!

Joshua Moreland

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